Have you ever wondered what it means to use ‘Natural Horsemanship’ with our horse?

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Dealing with fear and other negative emotions in the horse/human relationship.

In this blog post we will look at the differences on how to deal with negative emotions in the horse/human relationship. For the purpose of this article, I am describing our negative emotions as either fear, anxiety or anger since they are the main ones I come across when helping people.

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Why do we compete with our horses?

I ask this question to prompt some debate and possibly even arguments as to whether it is even ethical to compete with our horses at all.

There is a growing band of horse people getting stronger with the aid of social media that are clubbing together to try to ban all types of equine competition with the FEI having to deal with complaints of mal practise in the higher echelons of the competition world.

But I like to put this question to all those at the grass roots, myself included.

So why then do I compete?

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How Did I Know That Her Horse Needed Therapy?

I was inspired to write this blog post the day after I had given a ‘Handover Session’ to a client who had asked me to have her horse for the summer to help with the horse’s flighty and spooky behaviour.

This little horse has been with her owner since we first ‘started her’ as a two year old frightened mare, bought over from Ireland. Which means she has been in the same home for over 9 years. Continue reading